Упражнение 3



1) __DID__ the new boy __TELL__ (tell) the teacher his name?

2) __DID__ Kirill __BREAK__ (break) his chair?

3) __DID__ Anna __HAVE__ (have) the correct answer?

4) What time __DID__ they __LEAVE__ (leave) last night?

5) When __DID__ the lunch bell __RING__ (ring)?

6) Where __DID__ Dmitry __FIND__ (find) his coat?

7) What __DID__ Yegor __DO__ (do) on Saturday afternoon?

8) Where __DID__ they __GO__ (go) after school yesterday?

9) What time __DID__ mum __GET__ (get) home last evening?

10) Why __DID__ you __RUN__ (run) away when you saw me yesterday?

11) __DID__ Irina __WRITE__ (write) an essay for English class?

12) __DID__ Nastya __SWIM__ (swim) in the sea when she was in Sochi?

13) __DID__ you __HEAR__ (hear) what happened to Misha yesterday?

14) __DID__ Polina __GIVE__ (give) Alexi a DVD for his birthday?

15) __DID__ Yuri __FEEL__ (feel) tired after playing football?

16) __DID__ Gennady __CATCH__ (catch) the baseball yesterday?

17) When __DID__ you __SEND__ (send) the package?

18) Where __DID__ Sonya __MAKE__ (make) that video?

19) __DID__ you __SEE__ (see) that movie on TV last night?

20) What time __DID__ dad __SAY__ (say) he will be home tonight?

21) __DID__ Daria __WEAR__ (wear) the sweater grandma bought her?

22)  __DID__ Vasily __LEARN__ (learn) the poem by heart?

23) __DID__ Igor __THROW__ (throw) away the rubbish last week?

24) __DID__ Kostya __EAT__ (eat) the last piroshki?

25) Where __DID__ Daniil __SIT__ (sit) in class last year?