Упражнение 2




1) Dima __DIDN’T__   __HEAR__ (hear) that new song yesterday.

2) Lada __DIDN’T__   __READ__ (read) any books last summer.

3)  The waiter __DIDN’T__   __SPEAK__ (speak) English.

4)  I __DIDN’T__   __UNDERSTAND__ (understand) the question on the exam.

5)  Ivan __DIDN’T__   __HAVE__ (have) a cheeseburger for lunch.

6) Tanya and Nadia __DIDN’T__   __FORGET__ (forget) to do their homework.

7) Sveta __DIDN’T__   __TELL__ (tell) me where she lived.

8) We __DIDN’T__   __LEND__ (lend) Alex any money.

9)  Mum __DIDN’T__   __DRINK__ (drink) any coffee for breakfast.

10) The children __DIDN’T__   __SLEEP__ (sleep) well last night.

11) Sofia __DIDN’T__   __KEEP__ (keep) her promise to me.

12) We __DIDN’T__   __CHOOSE__ (choose) the steak for dinner. We had fish instead.

13) The class __DIDN’T__   __BEGIN__ (begin) on time.

14) My parents __DIDN’T__   __FLY__ (fly) to Moscow. They went by train.

15) Ilya __DIDN’T__   __DRIVE__ (drive) to work yesterday.

16) Our teacher __DIDN’T__   __TEACH__ (teach) us yesterday. She was ill.

17) Matvey __DIDN’T__   __SEND__ (send) me a text message yesterday. He forgot.

18) Sonia and I __DIDN’T__   __LEAVE__ (leave) home at 7 a.m.

19) You __DIDN’T__   __COME__ (come) with us yesterday. What happened?

20)  Dad __DIDN’T__   __LEAVE__ (leave) his smartphone in the caf?. It’s on the table.

21) Sergey and Denis __DIDN’T__   __GO__ (go) to the party last night.

22) I __DIDN’T__   __RIDE__ (ride) my bike to the park on Saturday.

23) Vika  __DIDN’T__   __SIT__ (sit) on the sofa yesterday.

24) Gena __DIDN’T__   __TAKE__ (take) the book from the table.

25) Vlad __DIDN’T__   __WEAR__ (wear) a tie with his school uniform.