Упражнение 1




1) Mary __WROTE__ (write) a letter to her friend yesterday.

2) Liza __MADE__ (make) a sandwich for her brother.

3) I __LOST__ (lose) my keys last week.

4) My sister and I __HAD__ (have) a good time at the birthday party last week.

5) I __TOLD__ (tell) my grandmother I loved her.

6) Sofia __SPOKE__ (speak) English to the man.

7) She __PUT__ (put) the cat on the bed.

8) I __READ__ (read) the first Harry Potter book last week.

9) She __BROUGHT__ (bring) some gifts to the party.

10) My father __HEARD__ (hear) the news on the radio.

11) Bogdan __FORGOT__ (forget) to do his homework yesterday.

12) Viktor __HAD__ (have) ice cream for dessert yesterday.

13) My sister __GAVE__ (give) me a CD for my birthday.

14) The children __SWAM__ (swim) in the sea last summer.

15) I __KNEW__ (know) the answer to the question.

16) My little brother __BROKE__ (break) my new computer.

17) Yulia and I __DRANK__ (drink) some kvass yesterday.

18) The teacher __WENT__ (go) on holiday to the Black sea.

19) My hair __GREW__ (grow) long during the quarantine.

20) I __MET__ (meet) a nice boy at summer camp.

21) Tatiana __SPOKE__ (speak) to the waiter in English.

22) Sofia __SAT__ (sit) next to her best friend at the concert.

23) The little boy __FELL__ (fall) out of the tree he was climbing.

24) My father __FLEW__ (fly) to Moscow last week.

25) Alex __SENT__ (send) an email to his friend in America.