Упражнение 1



1) Alona __IS__ my best friend.

2) Peter and Katya __ARE__ classmates.

3) Igor __IS__ my brother.

4) You __ARE__ a good football player.

5) They __ARE__ in the bedroom.

6) It __IS__ an orange.

7) Olga and I __ARE__ sisters.

8) I __AM__ happy.

9) It __IS__ a school bag.

10) You __ARE__ a student.

11) My teacher __IS__ from England.

12) We __ARE__ at school.

13) This __IS___ my pencil.

14) It __IS__ a dog.

15) I __AM__ twelve years old.

16) You __ARE__ late for dinner.

17) We __ARE__ students.

18) Natalia __IS__ my cousin.

19) Sofia and Anna __ARE__ my friends.

20) I __AM__ from Russia.

21) Misha __IS__ from Sochi.

22) They __ARE__ teammates.

23) My mother and father __ARE__ on holiday.

24) My classmates and I __ARE__ doing our homework

25) I __AM__ in the tenth class.