Упражнение 5



1) Katya __DIDN’T__   __STUDY__ (study) for the test.

2) __DID__ you __TALK__ (talk) to Lena yesterday?

3) Roma __TRAVELLED__ (travel) to Rome with his parents.

4) I __DIDN’T__   __VISIT__ (visit) the British Museum last summer.

5) Why __DID__ you __ARGUE__ (argue) with the teacher?

6) The airplane from Moscow __ARRIVED__ (arrive) on time.

7) The dog __DIDN’T__   __CHASE__ (chase) the cat yesterday.

8) Why __DID__   __CHEER__ (cheer) for the other team?

9) Fyodor __GUESSED__ (guess) correctly on the exam.

10) Why __DIDN’T__ Alona  __REMEMBER__ (remember) which gift I gave her?

11) The princess really __DIDN’T__   __KISS__ (kiss) the frog.

12) Marina __LAUGHED__ (laugh) a lot at the funny picture.

13) Angelina __DIDN’T__   __LIKE__ (like) the dress her mum bought her.

14) __DID__ you __LISTEN__ (listen) to what the man told you?

15) Grandma __BAKED__ (bake) a tasty cake for us.

16) No, I __DIDN’T__   __BORROW__ (borrow) your book yesterday.

17) __DID__ you __CALL__ (call) me yesterday?

18) Aleksandr __COUNTED__ (count) to one hundred in English.

19) My little __CRIED__ (cry) when she fell out of bed last night.

20) __DID__ you __RETURN__ (return) the pen you borrowed?

21) I __WAITED__ (wait) for an hour, but Anna never came.

22) Andrei __DIDN’T__   __WALK__ (walk) to school today.

23) What __DID__ the teacher __WANT__ (want) to ask?

24) My parents __ALLOWED__ (allow) me to go to the sea with my friends.

25) My mother was angry because I __DIDN’T__   __CLEAN__ (clean) my room.