Упражнение 4



1) My friend and I __AGREED__ (agree) to work together.

2) Evgeny __DIDN’T__   __COPY__ (copy) the answer to the quiz.

3) __DID__ you __ENJOY__ (enjoy) the concert last night?

4) I __EXERCISED__ (exercise) in the fitness centre on Saturday.

5) Natasha __DIDN’T__   __PAINT__ (paint) a picture for her mother.

6) __DID__ Sofia __PHONE__ (phone) her mother yesterday?

7) Anna __DIDN’T__   __RELAX__ (relax) at the beach last summer.

8) I __WORRIED__ (worry) a lot when you didn’t arrive on time.

9) The teacher __DIDN’T__   __YELL__ (yell) at the naughty student.

10) __DID__ you __ASK__ (ask) the new student what her name was?

11) Gleb __DANCED__  (dance) at the party.

12) Volodya __DIDN’T__   __EARN__ (earn) any money last summer.

13) Nastya  __DIDN’T__   __HELP__ (help) her mother in the kitchen.

14) The movie star __REPLIED__ (reply) to my letter!

15) __DID__ the cat __JUMP__ (jump) off the chair?

16) That boy __DIDN’T__   __KICK__ (kick) the ball.

17) Diana __LOVED__ (love) those flowers you bought her last year.

18) __DID__ they __MOVE__ (move) to their new flat?

19) I __NEEDED__ (need) money to buy a train ticket.

20) The shop __DIDN’T__   __OPEN__ (open) yesterday. It was a holiday.

21) __DID__ you __PULL__ (pull) the door open?

22) They __PUSHED__ (push) the car off the road.

23) The boys __DIDN’T__   __RACE__ (race) their bikes yesterday.

24) Galina __RELAXED__ (relax) by the pool last weekend.

25) __DID__ you __START__ (start) your new job last week?