Упражнение 3




1) When __DID__ you __TURN_OFF__ (turn off) the light?

2) __DID__ Marina and Olga __WALK__ (walk) to school yesterday?

3) __DID__ Alexander __STUDY__ (study) before the exam?

4) When __DID__ you __PLAY__ (play) chess with your grandfather?

5) __DID__ my mum and dad __ENJOY__ (enjoy) the film.

6) __DID__ they __FASTEN__ (fasten) their seat belts?

7) At what time __DID__ they __PLAY__ (play) football yesterday?

8) __DID__ Alona __VISIT__ (visit) her parents last month?

9) __DID__ Dmitry __LIVE__ (live) in Stavropol when he was a child?

10) __DID__ the children __LIKE__ (like) the ice cream?

11) Where __DID__ father  __STOP__ (stop) to buy bread after work?

12) Why __DID__ the class __START__ (start) at eight o’clock today?

13) __DID__ Katerina and Julia __WALK__ (walk) to school yesterday morning?

14) What subject __DID__ Nikita __STUDY__ (study) at Oxford University?

15) Why __DID__ Sonia  __NEED__ (need) to see the dentist last week?

16) __DID__ you __WATCH__ (watch) anything interesting on TV last night?

17) How long __DID__ Anna and Nadia __DANCE__ (dance) at the party last Friday?

18) __DID__ Gena and Ilya __LAUGH__ (laugh) at the funny joke?

19) When __DID__ your grandparents __TRAVEL__ (travel) to Italy?

20) How __DID__ a tiger __ESCAPE__ (escape) from the circus last night?

21) When __DID__ Sasha __FINISH__ (finish) her homework?

22) The floor is wet. __DID__ you __DROP__ (drop) a glass of water.

23) Why __DID__ you __BORROW__ (borrow) my pencil?

24) __DID__ you  __HELP__ (help) your mother yesterday?

25) Why __DID__ Sveta __STAY__ (stay) at home last Saturday night?