Упражнение 2




1) Katya __DIDN’T__   __ASK__ (not/ask) her parents for any sweets.

2) Lydia __DIDN’T__   __INVITE__ (not/invite) Kseniya to her party.

3) Misha __DIDN’T__   __KICK__ (not/kick) the ball.

4) Sonya and Polina __DIDN’T__   __WALK__ (not/walk) to school yesterday.

5) My mum __DIDN’T__   __BAKE__ (not/bake) biscuits last night.

6) Elena __DIDN’T__   __CHECK__ (not/check) the answers on her exam.

7) The postman __DIDN’T__   __DELIVER__ (not/deliver) the letters on Sunday.

8) My family __DIDN’T__   __LIVE__ (not/live) in Nizhny Novgorod when I was young.

9) Lera __DIDN’T__   __STUDY__ (not/study) for the exam.

10) You __DIDN’T__   __WATER__ (not/water) the flowers yesterday.

11)  We __DIDN’T__   __BOOK__ (not/book) a table the restaurant.

12) My father __DIDN’T__   __WORK__ (not/work) when he was a student at university.

13) Tatiana __DIDN’T__   __LIKE__ (not/like) living in England.

14) She __DIDN’T__   __ANSWER__ (not/answer) the last question on the test.

15) It was hot, but I __DIDN’T__   __OPEN__ (not/open) the window.

16) Timur hurt his hand, but he __DIDN’T__   __NEED__ (not/need) to see the doctor.

17) The boy was naughty, but the teacher __DIDN’T__   __SHOUT__ (not/shout) at him.

18) I __DIDN’T__   __ARRIVE__  (not/arrive) at the airport.

19) Lev __DIDN’T__   __CALL__ (not/call) his grandmother on her birthday.

20) They __DIDN’T__   __LOOK__ (not/look) at the book before they bought it.

21) It __DIDN’T__   __RAIN__ (not/rain) in my city last month.

22) Pavel __DIDN’T__   __CRY__ (not/cry) when the dog bit him.

23) Nataliya __DIDN’T__   __TRY__ (not/try) on a dress at the store.

24) Liza __DIDN’T__   __PAINT__ (not/paint) her bedroom pink.

25) Yegor __DIDN’T__   __TURN__ (not/turn) off the TV.