Упражнение 1


прошедшие простые правильные глаголы

Заполните пробелы в предложениях с правильной формой глагола в прошедшем простом времени.


1) Alona ____________  (play) with her sister yesterday..

2) Nataliya ____________ (love) the gift her grandmother gave her.

3) Andrei ____________ (carry) the bags for his mother.

4) My aunt and uncle ____________ (visit) us last week.

5) My brother and I _____________ (listen) to a new song yesterday.

6) We _____________ (study) for the exam last week.

7) I _____________ (invite) my friends to a party.

8) Katya ____________ (ask) her teacher if she could go to the toilet.

9) Somebody _____________ (knock) on the door last night.

10) Lera ____________ (walk) to the shop yesterday.

11) Kirill _____________ (live) in Nizhny Novgorod when he was young.

12) My father ____________ (book) a room in a hotel.

13) Veronika ____________ (water) the plants last week.

14) My brother ____________ (work) in a café when he was in university.

15) The girl _____________ (shout) when she saw a mouse.

16) It _____________ (rain) last night. The streets are wet.

17) They _____________ (paint) the room green.

18) Dianna _____________ (call) her friend on the telephone, but she didn’t answer.

19) Natasha _____________ (enjoy) her dinner. It was very tasty.

20) The train _____________ (arrive) ten minutes late.

21) I _____________ (finish) my homework and went to bed.

22) Suzanna _____________ (look) for her phone, but couldn’t find it.

23) He _____________ (borrow) a pencil from his friend.

24) My mum _____________ (bake) a cake for my birthday.

25) The princess _____________ (kiss) the frog.