Упражнение 5



1) Ilya __WAS__ in England last summer.

2) why __WERE__ you late for class again today?

3) __WERE__ you busy when I called?

4) I __WASN’T__ at home last evening. I __WAS__ out shopping with my mum.

5) It __WASN’T__ me. I didn’t take your book

6) Who __WAS__ sitting in my chair?

7) What __WAS__ the name of the movie you saw yesterday?

8) __WERE__ there any eggs in the fridge?

9) There __WASN’T__ anybody in the room. It __WAS__ empty.

10) __WERE__ you waiting long?

11) My parents __WERE__ at home yesterday. They didn’t go to work.

12) It __WAS__ a beautiful day. The sun __WAS__ shining.

13) It rained today. There __WEREN’T__ any people on the beach.

14) __WERE__ you at home yesterday?

15) What time __WAS__ it when you got home last night?

16) What __WAS__ that sound I just heard?

17) Their team won, so they __WEREN’T__ sad.

18) I found my books. They __WERE__ in my school bag.

19) Daniil and Alex __WERE__ playing chess on Saturday.

20) I’m sorry. I __WASN’T__ able to do my homework.

21) He __WAS__ the only person in the room.

22) I went to the store, but there __WEREN’T__ any tomatoes left.

23) __WERE__ you skating in the park on Sunday?

24) I got home late yesterday, My parents __WERE__ angry with me.

25) __WAS__ Irina wearing her red dress yesterday?