Упражнение 4




1) Polina __WAS__ watching TV in the living room.

2) Where __WERE__  you yesterday at 10.00? I __WAS__ in school.

3) __WERE__ you hungry yesterday?

4) Vika __WASN’T__ in class today. She __WAS__ not feeling well.

5) The movie __WAS__ boring. I didn’t like it.

6) Igor didn’t pass the exam. He __WASN’T__ happy.

7) __WERE__ they playing football yesterday?

8) __WAS__ it raining when you came home?

9) Dad couldn’t answer the phone. He __WAS__ taking a shower.

10) Where __WAS__ the dog sleeping?

11) I went to bed because it __WAS__ very late.

12) How __WAS__ the teacher feeling yesterday?

13) Today is Wednesday, so yesterday __WAS__ Tuesday.

14) My aunt and uncle __WERE__ at home last weekend.

15) The lift __WASN’T__ working yesterday, but now it works.

16) Katya __WAS__ late for PE class.

17) __WAS__ mum in bed when you phoned her?

18) It __WASN’T__ warm yesterday. I had to wear a coat.

19) My grandma __WAS__ on holiday last month.

20) When __WAS__ the last time you went to the cinema?

21) Who __WERE__ you sitting with yesterday?

22) Diana and Lada __WEREN’T__ in school today. They are on holiday.

23) What __WAS__ the meeting about?

24) How __WAS__ your meal?

25) __WERE__ any of the boys late for class?