Упражнение 3




1) What time __WAS__ the basketball game last night?

2) Who __WERE__ you with at the party?

3) __WERE__ you at school yesterday?

4) __WAS__ yesterday Monday?

5) What __WERE__ the names of the four Beatles?

6) __WAS__ the girl happy?

7) __WERE__ the teachers nice to the new pupil?

8) __WERE__ the kittens cute?

9) What __WERE__ Andrei and Nikita doing in the park yesterday?

10) Why __WERE__ you running yesterday?

11) Where __WERE__ you last night?

12) When __WAS__ Evgenia cleaning her room?

13) Who __WAS__ Daniil talking to on the phone?

14) __WERE__ you sad last week?

15) __WERE__ the football players training last week?

16) How __WAS__ your meal?

17) __WAS__ that dress expensive?

18) __WERE__ the detective stories interesting?

19) What __WAS__ the name of your first teacher at school?

20) Where __WERE__ you born?

21) How old __WERE__ your parents when they got married?

22) Who __WAS__ the first James Bond?

23) What __WERE__ you doing when I saw you in the park?

24) __WAS__ your father driving a truck yesterday?

25) When __WAS__ the last time you visited Moscow?