Упражнение 2




1) You __WEREN’T__ the only pupil to take the English exam.

2) They __WEREN’T__ at home last night.

3) I __WASN’T__ at school last week.

4) Sonya __WASN’T__ in Sochi last week.

5) Viktoria and Nasya __WEREN’T__ late for lessons.

6) She __WASN’T__ happy with her test results.

7) Your mum __WASN’T__ working in the shop yesterday.

8) We __WEREN’T__ worried. We knew you would do well.

9) It was a long day, but we __WEREN’T__ tired.

10) My parents __WEREN’T__ at home when my cousin arrived.

11) Sasha __WASN’T__ very nice to her sister.

12) Sorry. I __WASN’T__ listening to you before.

13) Alina and Diana __WEREN’T__ playing in the park yesterday.

14) The children __WEREN’T__ naughty at school today.

15) Nikita __WASN’T__ happy when he lost the game.

16) Liza __WASN’T__ wearing a dress yesterday.

17) The dog we saw __WASN’T__ very friendly.

18) Sofia’s friend __WEREN’T__ polite.

19) The movie __WASN’T__ very interesting.

20) My mum and I __WEREN’T__ baking yesterday.

21) Margarita’s gift __WASN’T__ very expensive.

22) Dima’s pizza __WASN’T__ very tasty.

23) My neighbours __WEREN’T__ on holiday last month.

24) It __WASN’T__ raining when I woke up.

25)  There __WEREN’T__ any eggs in the fridge yesterday.