Упражнение 1



1) My shirt __WAS__ clean yesterday.

2) Nikita __WAS__ hungry when he was at school yesterday.

3) I __WAS__ at home last Saturday evening.

4) My grandma __WAS__ in my house last week.

5) They __WERE__ in Moscow yesterday.

6) Elena __WAS__ at the party last week.

7) My parents __WERE__ on holiday last month.

8) I __WAS__ on a tram yesterday.

9) Andrei  __WAS__ ill yesterday.

10) Natasha __WAS__ angry last week.

11) They __WERE__ at the cinema five days ago.

12) You __WERE__ on the phone this morning.

13) The children __WERE__ at the zoo yesterday.

14) Olga __WAS__ in St. Petersburg last week.

15) She __WAS__ in school last week.

16) There __WAS__ a good film on TV last week.

17) We __WERE__ in Istanbul last summer.

18) Sofia and Marina __WERE__ at school yesterday.

19) I __WAS__ happy when I heard the good news.

20) You __WERE__ late for lessons today.

21) Our teacher __WAS__ very bust yesterday.

22) Tanya and I __WERE__ at the park yesterday.

23) Yulia __WAS__ happy yesterday

24) Roma and Misha __WERE__ at the football match last Saturday.

25) I __WAS__ in Barcelona last summer.