ЕГЭ-3373 — Ответы


Задания 32-38



  1. C) share
  2. A) arrived
  3. D) away
  4. B) said
  5. A) made
  6. C) stated
  7. D) way


At the office


The following morning I visited our local newsagent Mr. Bales. He always seemed to know exactly what was going on in the neighbourhood and was only too happy to __share__ his knowledge with anyone who wanted to pass the time of day. Then I __arrived__ at the office of John D. Wood in Mount Street. I had to wait for some time, but eventually one of four assistants came over, introduced himself to me as Mr. Palmer and asked how he could help. After a closer inspection of the young man, I doubted that he could help anyone. He must have been about seventeen and was so pale and thin he looked as if a gust of wind might blow him __away__. “I’d like to know some details concerning Number 147 Chelsea Terrace,” I said. “Would madam please excuse me?” he __said__ and walked over to a filing cabinet. He __made__ no attempt to invite me in or even to offer me a chair. He placed the single sheet on the countertop and studied it closely.

“A greengrocer’s shop,” he said. “Yes. What price is the owner asking for the property?” I asked. I was becoming more and more annoyed by being so obviously ignored. “One hundred and fifty guineas is being asked for the shop,” __stated__ the assistant, his eyes fixed on the bottom line of the schedule. The shop turned out to be ridiculously expensive. I made my __way__ back to Chelsea, only too aware that I had no intention of buying a shop in the neighbourhood.



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