ЕГЭ-3371 — Ответы


Задания 32-38




  1. D) made
  2. B) out
  3. C) finally
  4. C) laid
  5. A) watched
  6. B) travel
  7. D) forward





Gordon Fink had felt restless all day. Early Sunday morning he had gone for a run in Central Park. Afterwards he came home and __made__ a cheese sandwich. He didn’t eat much for breakfast. During his marriage he had been the regular morning chef, but he had got __out__ of the habit when his family left. He never bothered to fix anything for himself now. He read the Times while he ate, but __finally__, after pouring a second cup of coffee, he found he was unable to concentrate, so he __laid__ down the paper and walked to the window.

It was eleven o’clock. His apartment overlooked the park, and he could see that the sunny day had already brought out a lot of people. There were many couples and family groups. Gordon __watched__ an elderly woman settle on a bench and turn her face so that the sun shone on it. She looked calm and happy.

He turned away from the window and went into the bedroom. He had to pack for his trip tomorrow, and the prospect irritated him. It was almost over though. There was only one week more of publicity for the book, and then he would take a week off to himself. The __travel__ agent had prepared a list of cruise ships with empty first-class space that would accommodate his schedule. He went back to his desk to look at it. Although he trusted his agent, he wanted to choose a cruise ship himself. He looked __forward__ to having a pleasant rest after a year of hard work.



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