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Задания 32-38



  1. C) for
  2. A) treated
  3. D) look
  4. C) remember
  5. B) According
  6. D) However
  7. A) count



A sign of weakness?


What should you do when you realise that you have to apologise? Is it better to swallow your pride and say you’re sorry when somebody is waiting __for__ your apology?

The psychologist Jack Black says that people worry that an apology will be __treated__ as a sign of weakness, rather than as their effort to understand and make up with the opponent. But he adds that effective apologies address the person’s feelings – they don’t prove a point.

As for how to do it, Professor Black has the following advice, “The right way to apologise is the way your mother taught you. Say you threw a stone at your brother. She’d have you go and __look__ him in the eye and say: ‘I’m sorry I threw the stone at you and I won’t do it again.’ It’s important to name what you did wrong, to show yourself as being regretful in some way and to indicate what might be different in the future.”

You should __remember__ that the number of times you’ll need to repeat the apology may vary depending on where you live. __According__ to preliminary data collected by Professor Black, for a minor offence, the optimal number is a single “I’m sorry”. “If the offence is large, then making two apologies seems to be the magic number for restoring trust and liking,” Jack Black says.  __However__, if you’re British, you may need to double that. “A single ‘Sorry’ does not __count__ as an apology: we have to say it so many times with a lot of adjectives,” says Professor Black.



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