ЕГЭ-3342 — Ответы


Задания 32-38



  1. C) way
  2. A) seen
  3. B) reasons
  4. D) over and over
  5. B) talked
  6. A) make
  7. B) yet





Soon everything was back to normal. Annie and her father David were both ashamed of themselves, they went out of their __way__ to be kind to one another. David even told himself that he would try to like Sean O’Connell, if that could make his daughter happy. Since Sean’s visit Annie had bloomed, but it was three days now since she had __seen__ the Irishman and David hoped he had not forgotten her.

As the days passed, Annie ceased looking out of the window every ten seconds in the hope of seeing Sean come to her door. Now Annie and David decided to reopen the club for their regular customers. She felt this would be the best thing for her dad, and he thought it would be the best thing for her. Both of them needed to be busy for their own __reasons__.

Annie was hurt, she had found Sean again only for him to leave her again. She went __over_and_over__ their evening together and tried to see what she could have done to make him ignore her like this. They had laughed, __talked__ of their childhood, and their lives since. She thought that he was the only man she could ever love. He liked to __make__ his remarks as outrageous as possible. He liked to shock people, and __yet__ he knew that Annie was one of the few people who saw through him. She knew that he was lonely, unhappy and unable to change his way of life.



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