ЕГЭ-3340 — Ответы


Задания 32-38




  1. B) made
  2. C) say
  3. D) succeeded
  4. D) up
  5. C) saw
  6. B) after
  7. B) regret



Mexico City


Mexico City was hot and frantic with Olympic gamesmanship. The hotels were full but, fortunately, Kevin owned a country house just outside the city which we __made__ our headquarters. The Whites also had their home in Mexico City but they were more often than not at Kevin’s private palace.

I must __say__ that when Kevin decided to move he moved fast. Like a good general, he marshalled his army close to the point of impact; he spent a small fortune on telephone calls and __succeeded__ in getting all we needed for the expedition in the shortest time possible. I had a fast decision to make, too. My job was a good one and I hated to give it __up__ unceremoniously, but Kevin was pushing hard. I __saw__ my boss and he was good enough to give me six months’ leave of absence. I deceived him in a way, I gave him the right destination but not the real reason for going there. Yet I think that going to Yucatan could be understood as looking __after__ my father’s estate.

Kevin also used resources that only money can buy. The thought of it made me a bit dizzy. Kevin was able to lift a telephone and set a private police force in motion. It made me open my eyes and think again. There was something about Kevin that got at me. Whatever it was, I preferred to keep it bottled up. Will I __regret__ it in the future?



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