ЕГЭ-3334 — Ответы


Задания 32-38



  1. B) Moreover
  2. B) succeeded
  3. D) Few
  4. B) sight
  5. C) hardly
  6. C) failed
  7. A) Like



Philip and Michael


Philip Masters was a millionaire now. __Moreover__, everyone in the club was aware that he had built up his own business from scratch after he had left his first job as a kitchen salesman. “Ready-Fit Kitchens” had started in a shed at the end of Philip’s garden. Later, he __succeeded__ in building a factory on the other side of town that employed more than three hundred people.

Ten years later, the financial press speculated that Philip’s business was worth a couple of million. When five more years later the company was taken over by the John Lewis Partnership, Philip got seventeen million pounds. __Few__ businessmen were as lucky as he was.

Philip was married for more than twenty years. He had fallen in love with Sally at first __sight__. Now Sally was chairman of the regional branch of the Save the Children Fund. Their son had just won a place at St Anne’s College, Oxford. Michael was the boy’s godfather.

Michael Gilmour could __hardly__ be a greater contrast. On leaving school, where Philip had been his closest friend, he __failed__ to find a permanent job. He started out as a trainee with Watneys, but lasted only a few months. Then he started to work as a reporter with a publishing company. He drifted from job to job. __Like__ Philip, he married his childhood sweetheart, Carol West, the daughter of a local doctor. They had a daughter. Michael seemed to have settled down at last.



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