ЕГЭ-3321 — Ответы


Задания 32-38




  1. B) original
  2. D) speaking
  3. A) excited
  4. A) away
  5. C) push
  6. B) up
  7. C) discovery



The secret tunnel


In the middle of our village, there is a beautiful old church, which dates back to the beginning of the Middle Ages. It was rebuilt several times, but some of its parts, including the foundations, are __original__.

Well, __speaking__ about restoration, a while ago they decided to install a heating system there, as it gets cold in winter. Some of the local boys volunteered to help, including myself.

The benches were connected in stacks, so it was hard work to lift or to push them away, but we managed it. Most of the church floor was covered with marble-type slabs, but under some benches there were just some ancient-looking bricks.

We got really __excited__, as we had heard stories about an old underground passageway leading from a crypt below the church to the castle in the nearest city. It is twelve miles __away__.

So, a friend of mine and I started to dig down there. It was relatively easy to pull out the top layer of bricks, and underneath them we found soil, which also moved easily as it was completely dry. We found that one side of the hole was so soft that you could just __push__ a stick through it. It was obviously that passageway! Then some workmen came in and told us to stop. Just fancy that! We had to stop at the most exciting moment.

After a few days, the workmen put a layer of hard cement over the entire floor, so our find remained a mystery. But I won’t give __up__. I still hope to go there some day and find that secret tunnel. Maybe, that will become the greatest __discovery__ of the 21st century.



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