ЕГЭ-3314 — Ответы


Задания 32-38



  1. A) finally
  2. D) suited
  3. C) candidates
  4. B) dismissed
  5. A) recall
  6. B) revealed
  7. C) demands



Looking for a job


My new home was a long way from the center of London but it was becoming essential to find a job, so __finally__ I spent a whole morning getting to town and applying to London Transport for a job on the tube. It turned out that they were looking for guards, not drivers. This __suited__ me. I couldn’t drive a car but I could probably guard a train and perhaps continue to write poems between stations. “Yes, I would be a tube guard,” I thought. I could see myself being cheerful, useful, a good man in a crisis.

The next day I sat down, with almost a hundred other __candidates__, for the intelligence test. I must have done all right because after half an hour’s wait I was sent into another room for a psychological test. The examiner sat at a desk. You were signaled forward to occupy the seat opposite him when the previous occupant had been __dismissed__. Sometimes the person was rejected quickly and sometimes after quite a while. Obviously the longer interviews were the most successful ones. Mine was the only one that lasted a minute and a half. I can remember the questions now: “Why did you leave your last job, “Why did you leave your job before that? “And the one before?” I can’t __recall__ my answers, except they were short at first and grew shorter as we continued. His closing statement __revealed__ a lack of sensitivity, which helped to explain why as a psychologist he had risen no higher than the underground railway. “You have failed this test and we are unable to offer you a position.” Failing to get that job was my low point. Or so I thought, believing that the work was easy. Actually, such a job __demands__ exactly this sort of elementary responsibility a dreamer like me is unlikely to have. But, I was still far short of self-understanding as well as short of cash.



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