ЕГЭ-3260 — Ответы


Задания 26-31



Scottish inventions


Do you know how the refrigerator was invented? It is one of the most important ___CONTRIBUTIONS___ of the Scots to the world.

If James Harrison (18161893), a Scottish immigrant to Australia, didn’t ___ACCIDENTALLY___ push ether gas into a metal tube, people might still be using boxes filled with blocks of ice to cool their food.

The main problem was how to overcome the need for ice in the ___REFRIGERATION___ process.

Ice had to be cut fresh from frozen lakes and stored inside an underground house until it was ready to be used as a ___COOLER___.

Australians had difficulty gaining access to ___NATURAL___ ice since Australia does not enjoy that many lakes.

Harrison’s discovery was beneficial the world over, but especially important for Australia because now it could export frozen meat to Europe. He even tried one such journey to Europe, but the ether had leaked during the voyage and ruined the entire cargo. Harrison went bankrupt but his legacy meant a huge ___DIFFERENCE___ to the Australian economy.



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