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Задания 26-31


Victoria Falls


Before you even see the falls, you hear and feel them. As you walk along the trail to the entrance, the sound of rumbling water sounds in the background and ___SUDDENLY___ your face is hit with a breeze of humidity and mist.

At 2 km wide and 100 m tall, Victoria Falls is the world’s largest curtain of falling water, and is twice the width and height of Niagara Falls. Victoria Falls was formed from intense ___VOLCANIC___ activity almost 200 million years ago.

As you approach Victoria Falls from the nearby town of Livingstone, you first have to pass a larger-than-life statue of Livingstone, one of the most ___FAMOUS___ explorers.

“Livingstone was the first ___EUROPEAN___ to see Victoria Falls and then spread the word about them,” said Dr. Lawrence.

“Part of the reason the news of great waterfalls in central Africa was so ___EXCITING___ in the middle of the19th century was that many people thought that the centre of the continent was a desert,” he added.

Dr. Lawrence is a lecturer at Scotland’s University of Edinburgh who specialises in the history of science and ___EXPLORATION___ in Africa.



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