ЕГЭ-3241 — Ответы


Задания 26-31



Auckland University


The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s leading university. ___ACTUALLY___, it’s among the top 200 universities of the world. The University of Auckland has a strong focus on legal and ___BUSINESS___ programmes welcoming students from all parts of the world.

The student ___POPULATION___ of the University of Auckland is 40,000, about 4,000 of whom have come to study from abroad. The University of Auckland also offers postgraduate studies, which will certainly broaden your academic and ___EMPLOYMENT___ horizons. It will be ___VALUABLE___ for your CV with specialist skills and knowledge provided.

Whether you plan to join the next generation of leading ___LAWYERS___ in New Zealand or in your native country, the University of Auckland will help you to make your mark on the world.



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