ЕГЭ-3237 — Ответы


Задания 26-31



Washington National Cathedral


Washington National Cathedral is a dramatic Gothic building. It is so ___BEAUTIFUL___ that it is considered to be one of the greatest architectural treasures of the world. There are various excursions to the cathedral. The best idea is to go online to check the guides’ schedules as they ___SPECIALIZE___ in different aspects of the building’s history. It took 82 years to build the cathedral – Theodore Roosevelt laid the cornerstone in 1908, and the cathedral’s ___CONSTRUCTION___ didn’t technically stop until 1990. The cathedral provoked strong opposition early on, but later the numerous ___ARGUEMENTS___ calmed down. It is great to have a walk around the cathedral through the ___PEACEFUL___ paths in the garden. The 2011 earthquake caused an estimated $26 million in damages to the cathedral. Repairs are underway, but nevertheless, ___VISITORS___ still have full access to the key areas of interest inside the cathedral.



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