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Задания 26-31



Central Park


One of the world’s most well-known green spaces, Central Park in New York occupies 843 acres of land with European-style gardens, a lake and a reservoir. ___NATURALLY___, among Central Park sights one should also mention an outdoor theater, a memorial to John Lennon and a very famous statue of Alice in Wonderland. Many tourists consider Central Park to be a truly ___BEAUTIFUL___ place. It is important to say that this huge park was designed as a leisure space for all New Yorkers, ___REGARDLESS___ of color or class. Today, this “people’s park” is still one of the city’s most popular ___ATTRACTIONS___. It is also a very popular place for numerous ___JOGGERS___. Even in winter with its snowstorms there is something to do there, like cross-country ___SKIING___. If you plan to visit New York, Central Park is an absolute must for you.



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