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Задания 26-31



The smartphone


Nowadays smartphones define the way people connect to the rest of the world. How did it start? On the 16th of August 1994, IBM released a personal ___COMMUNICATOR___, which became the modern smartphone. It was capable of making phone calls, faxing, text messaging and e-mailing. It was a prized ___POSSESSION___ because this device also included a touch screen. It had a clock, calendar and some games. But this ___WONDERFUL___ device was just too advanced for its time. The market was not yet ready for such a ___TECHNOLOGICAL___ innovation. Faster networks, browsers and applications were needed to release its full potential. In 2000, Ericsson was the first to introduce the word “smartphone” for its ___AMAZING___ R380 mobile phone. This device was a modification of a lightweight flip phone. The magazine Popular Science called the Ericsson R380 smartphone one of the most important ___ACHIEVEMENTS___ in science and technology.



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