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Задания 19-25



History of animated cartoons


Cartoon animation has a long history. A cartoon is made by drawing many pictures and showing them one after another so quickly that the pictures ___FINALLY___ seem to move. The most prominent of animated cartoons were made by Walt Disney.

Walt Disney, the ___CREATOR___ of Mickey Mouse, is a legend of the 20th century. He invented the special camera which was used in his studios during the thirties and forties to create ___ORIGINAL___ animated pictures. Through his work he brought joy, ___HAPPINESS___, and a universal means of communication. Walt Disney’s worldwide ___POPULARITY___ is based upon the ideas his name represents: imagination, optimism, and self-made success in the American tradition.

Today moving images are created with the help of computers. The first fully computer-animated feature film, “Toy Story”, was very ___SUCCESSFUL___ and since then almost all animated cartoon films have moved to computer graphics, including films such as the «Shrek» series.



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