Задания 26-31



Преобразуйте, если необходимо, слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами, так чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста. Каждый пропуск соответствует отдельному заданию из группы 26-31. Впишите слова в поле ответа.



Future population


The United Nations (UN) has published its prediction about the size and age of the world’s population three hundred years from now. This report can help environmental ___SCIENCE___ and policy-makers to understand dramatic changes in the world’s population in the future. The report suggests that if the birth rates stay the same, there’ll be a huge expansion of the ___GLOBE___ population.

You may think it ___POSSIBLE___ but three centuries from now there may be over one hundred and thirty trillion people. The report says that the world’s population is likely to be ___SIGNIFICANT___ older. The average age will be fifty while today it is twenty six. Almost a quarter of all the ___INHABIT___ of the planet will live in Africa. ___RESEARCH___ think that India, China and the United States will continue to be countries with the biggest population.




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