ЕГЭ-3205 — Ответы


Задания 26-31





Christmas is the most important annual festival in both Britain and North America. In its origins, it combines the Christian ___CELEBRATION___ of the birth of Christ, on 25 December, with the ancient tradition of a winter feast during the darkest period of the year.  Christmas carols – a special kind of religious songs – are an important part of it. You may hear them ___COUNTLESS___ times over the radio but it is quite different when you listen to people sing carols around you in church.

At this time, too, many carol ___SINGERS___ make door-to-door visits to people at home, collecting money for this or that charity. Many weeks before Christmas, shops start selling ___VARIOUS___ Christmas cards and Christmas gifts. Shop ___OWNERS___ decorate their shops with holly, mistletoe, candles and colourful paper chains and lanterns.  All kinds of traditional Christmas food are also ___WIDELY___ available.



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