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Задания 19-25



The largest snowfall in decades


This week’s snowfall in Brazil is one of the largest in decades. As snow on the ground is not a very common landscape in a so-called tropical country, everybody ___FELT___ excited when they saw streets in snow. In the cities by the sea people are used to spending the summer sun bathing. They ___WERE_SURPRISED___ very much when they saw snow covering the city. It ___WAS_NOT___ long before social media became loaded with pictures of white fields and roads, and snowmen.



Flood in Santa Claus’ home


The usual images of the North Pole are impressive ice sheets, but scenes from a webcam there reveal a different story. Meteorologists have reported that temperatures in early July were one to three degrees Celsius ___HIGHER___ than the year’s average over most of the Arctic Ocean.

Thanks to rapidly melting ice, Santa Claus now ___HAS___ his own swimming pool. The North Pole is currently a lake, Canada.com reports. The lake is about a foot deep, ___CONSISTING___ entirely of the melted ice itself. It shows a dramatic change is the Arctic climate.

In fact, a pool of melted water ___HAS_FORMED___ at the North Pole every year now since 2002. The mythical home of Santa Claus has been officially flooded!



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