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Задания 19-25



The lost speech


Abraham Lincoln was famous as a great public speaker. In 1856 he ___GAVE___ a very emotional speech at the Bloomington Convention. The speech was so captivating that for the ___FIRST___ time in their lives the reporters forgot to take notes. The ___WORST___ thing about it is that it was a very important speech – the one that led to the founding of the Republican Party in the USA.





Bread is always on our table like many other products. However, we ___DO_NOT_KNOW___ who invented it. Since that time bread ___HAS_CHANGED___ in many ways.

For example, sliced bread ___WAS_INTRODUCED___ in 1930. New varieties of bread appear every day. There is no doubt that people ___WILL_CONTINUE___ to experiment with flavours and tastes of bread in the future.



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