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Задания 19-25



The Sydney Opera House


For many years there was no good opera house in Australia. In 1954, Jorn Utzon from Denmark ___WON___ a competition organized by the Australian government to build an opera house. The construction lasted for fourteen years until 1973. Since then, the building ___HAS_BECOME___ the symbol of Australia. The best way to visit the Sydney Opera House is to see a show. In sunny weather visitors can take a picnic basket and enjoy ___WALKING___ around the Botanic Gardens near the Opera House.



My job in a restaurant


I was seventeen, when I ___WAS_GIVEN___ a job in a local fast food restaurant. Training was for three days. During the ___FIRST___ two days I watched videos about my job. During the last day of orientation, I had to be at the restaurant to see how things got done. I began work on Saturday, which was the ___BUSIEST___ day of the week. My present job ___IS_NOT_CONNECTED___ with cooking. I work for a computer company. I like it, but I miss communicating with people.



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