ЕГЭ-3149 — Ответы


Задания 19-25



Pets of my childhood


My pet history began when I was five. One summer day, while my mother ___WAS_IRONING___ clothes with the window open, a nice canary flew in. We called it Chirpy and it became our first pet.Soon, while Chirpy was still alive, my parents bought a pair of ___MICE___, whom we named Timmy and Tina.


Unfortunately, Timmy and Tina lived only two years, and after they died we ___DID_NOT_GET___ any more pets.



Popular destination


Barcelona offers an exciting mixture of Catalan history and architecture. It is a regionally dominant city and it  ___DOES_NOT_HAVE___ to compete with its neighbours.


Barcelona ___HAS_BEEN___ popular since the city hosted the 1992 Olympics. At present this metropolis  welcomes millions of tourists every year.


___WOMEN___ make up the majority of the city’s visitors. It’s not surprising because Barcelona’s shops offer a wide variety of fashionable clothes.





There are many kinds of bears. The polar bear lives mostly in the Arctic North, often on drifting masses of floating sea ice ___CALLED___ ‘floes’.


Brown bears, once widespread in Europe and Asia, are now rare. The American black bear is ___SMALLER___ than the brown bears.


The spectacled bear, which gets its name from the light-coloured rings around its eyes, is the only bear of the Southern Hemisphere. It ___IS_FOUND___ in the Andes Mountains.



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