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Задания 19-25





What is the capital of Australia? Many people think that it is Sydney, but in fact the capital of Australia is Canberra, a city ___LOCATED___ about 240 kilometers southwest of Sydney. It is the heart of Australia’s federal district, the Australian Capital Territory, which ___IS_SURROUNDED___ by the state of New South Wales. In Canberra you can visit the National Museum of Australia and learn about Australian peoples and ___THEIR___ history.



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Our fire department is often called when people get stuck in lifts. However, our methods sometimes ___DO_NOT_WORK___. That was the case once when we tried all our tricks, but had to tell the trapped occupant: «Sorry. There’s nothing we can do. We’ll have to wait for the lift repairman to arrive and help ___US___ to get you out.» «Great! Just great!» came the cry from the inside the lift. «Elevator service was called quite a while ago,» I reassured the fellow. I added that the lift serviceman ___WOULD_BE___ here any minute. The man sighed deeply. «The ___WORST___ thing is that I am the lift serviceman!»



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