ЕГЭ-3144 — Ответы


Задания 19-25



A difficult question


One day, the chemistry teacher asked his students, “What is the chemical formula for water?” Suzie was the ___FIRST___ to raise her hand. “Yes, Suzie, what’s the answer?” the teacher asked. Suzie answered proudly, “The chemical formula for water is ‘HIJKLMNO’!” The class started ___LAUGHING___. The teacher looked ___SHOCKED___. He asked, “What are you talking about?” Suzie replied, “Yesterday you said the formula for water is H to O!”



The Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


Last week people all over Ireland celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day in the traditional way. Dublin ___WAS_DECORATED___ with flags and bunting. Sprigs of shamrock ___WERE_SOLD___ everywhere. In many countries of the world, the Irish held parades, pageants, sports and drama festivals. Saint Patrick, who ___BROUGHT___ Christianity to Ireland in the fifth century, is the country’s patron saint. For centuries, his day ___HAS_BEEN___ a day of celebration in Ireland.



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