ЕГЭ-3135 — Ответы


Задания 19-25



Warwick Castle


Warwick Castle is one of the greatest sights in the UK. You won’t believe what the castle ___HAS_SEEN___ over the last ten centuries of its existence. Still, it’s a very nice place with beautiful nature and lots of outdoor activities, so many tourists bring their ___CHILDREN___ here too. There’s always much for ___THEM___ to see and do, including outdoor games in summer and a visit to the mysterious Ghost Tower in winter.



A funny mistake


Two policemen went on patrol. One of them was a beginner, but he considered himself to be much ___MORE_CLEVER___ than his partner. Some time later the policemen ___WERE_TOLD___ on the radio that if they noticed a crowd, they should make these people go away. Very soon they ___FOUND___ a small crowd of people standing in one place. The young policeman began ___SHOUTING___ at them very loudly so the people ran away quickly. The young policeman was very proud of himself on his first patrol. The old policeman sighed and said: “It was a very good job, my friend. The only problem is that it’s a bus stop”.



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