ЕГЭ-3133 — Ответы


Задания 19-25



First impressions


In 1880 Great Britain began to trade with Morocco. The Moroccan king was one of the ___RICHEST___ people of his time. He was interested in the British fleet, so a group of British diplomats showed him their best ship hoping he __WOULD_BUY___ it. “We hope our ship ___HAS_IMPRESSED___ you,” they finally said at the end of the tour. “Yes, but I like the captain’s face better,” was the reply.



Strange but true


Arthur Conan Doyle is a well-known British writer. When you hear his name, the ___FIRST___ thing that comes to mind is his famous detective Sherlock Holmes. A lot of people remember Sherlock Holmes’ address. There is now a museum there. But few people know the following facts about ___HIM___. Sherlock Holmes wasn’t a professional detective. In fact he ___WAS_EDUCATED___ at university to be a chemist. One more interesting thing is that Sherlock Holmes ___HAD___ quite an unusual hobby for a detective at his time. It was playing the violin.



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