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Задания 19-25



Zanzibar history


In 1896, Said Khalid seized power in Zanzibar. A British fleet soon arrived at the port of Zanzibar and ordered him out of the royal palace. Khalid refused to leave. At 9:02 on the morning of August 27, British ships started to fire on the palace, ___BEGINNING___ a war between Britain and Zanzibar. The palace ___WAS_DESTROYED___ very quickly. At 9:40 that morning, Said Khalid surrendered and the war ended.

This “war” was the ___SHORTEST___ in history. It lasted a total of 38 minutes! The British ___LATER___ requested money from the people of Zanzibar to pay for the shells the British warships had used to win the war.



A palace with 1,300 rooms


It was King Louis XIV of France who ordered a palace with 1,300 rooms in the 1600s. Louis wanted a bigger palace than any other king. In 1661, the French started ___BUILDING___ this new palace. It was located at a place outside Paris, ___CALLED___ Versailles. It had to be big – Louis’s court had 20,000 people, and Versailles ___BECAME___ the centre of court life.



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