ЕГЭ-3104 — Ответы


Задания 19-25



Singing in the car


My elder brother likes all kinds of music. He prefers jazz but also listens to pop music and sometimes goes to classical music concerts. But when driving ___ME___ in his car, he insists on listening to heavy-metal music.

For a long time I ___COULD_NOT___ understand why he was doing it. He knew very well that for me it was the ___WORST___ kind of music.

One day I decided to ask him why he always chooses this type while driving. “Well, sister,” he reluctantly replied, “to be frank, it’s mainly so you can’t sing along.” He added that he ___WOULD_LISTEN___ to anything else if only I promised not to sing along.



The Beatles


The Beatles were one of the most successful pop-music groups of the 1960s. Also ___CALLED___ the Fab Four, this quartet of British musicians created songs and recordings that many people still enjoy. The group ___BEGAN___ in the working-class neighbourhoods of Liverpool. The Beatles’ first ___RECORDED___ song was ‘Love Me Do’ (1962).



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