ЕГЭ-2371 — Ответы



Задания 12-18



12. In what way did the children in the kindergarten answer the question about their dream occupation?

C) They drew people of their dream careers in action.



13. Why did the author want to work in the local grocery store?

A) It seemed to be an enjoyable occupation.


14. According to the author, when you grow up the questions about career choice become …

C) more frequent.



15. “That” in “But I don’t consider that a bad thing” (paragraph 4) refers to …

C) being unsure of your future career when in high school.



16. What would the author most probably like to do in the future?

D) Do a job that brings her satisfaction.



17. Examples with Nelson Mandela and Robinson Crusoe are mentioned by the author to …

B) prove how important it is not to lose hope.



18. What conclusion does the author make?

B) Look for an activity that makes you happy.



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