ЕГЭ-2369 — Ответы


Задания 12-18



12. The author was chosen for her current position because of …

C) her volunteering background.



13. Why did the author enjoy her work in community development?

D) She saw the results of her work.



14. Why did the author have difficulties when volunteering?

A) People did not understand the purpose of volunteering.



15. The main idea expressed in paragraphs 4 and 5 is that volunteering …

A) develops creativity and talent.



16. The pronoun this in “I was so happy to hear this …” (paragraph 6) refers to the …

B) young men’s gratitude.



17. The word profound in “volunteer work can have such a profound impact …” (paragraph 6) means …

A) significant.



18. Which piece of advice about volunteering does the author NOT give to her peers?

C) Become part of a social group.



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