ЕГЭ-2316 — Ответы


Задания 12-18



12. Why is the collage of photographs more important for Kathy than the other wedding presents?

D) Kathy’s sister made it for her.



13. Why was Kathy against sharing a room with her sister?

B) Susie never left her alone.



14. What did Kathy call the final straw in paragraph 3?

C) The fact that Susie began to wear Kathy’s clothes without her permission.



15. What was Kathy’s greatest wish that she mentioned in paragraph 4?

А) To have a separate life from her sister.



16. When did the relationship between Susie and Kathy start to change?

C) After their parents divorced.



17. What are Kathy’s relationships with Susie now?

B) They are close friends.



18 Why do the sisters understand each other?

D) They have similar life experience.



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