ЕГЭ-2306 — Ответы


Задания 12-18



1. When the narrator was in high school he

D) longed to have something in common with other students.



2. The reason why the narrator decided to sign up for the band was his

A) dream to become a musician.

B) wish to get a better reputation.

C) attraction to a girl.

D) liking the band uniform.



3. “The band uniform is a sacred attire” means it is

A) carefully sized to fit the individual.

B) long-sleeved hand sewn pure wool.

C) cleaned after each use.

D) highly respected and symbolic.



4. The narrator began to question his decision to join the band because he

A) saw no connection between playing music and marching.

B) suddenly found out that he was not so good at marching.

C) had a bad ear for music.

D) got frightened by the yells of the band director.



5. The narrator had a cup of coffee before marching because he

A) sometimes liked to have some.

B) didn’t want to feel sleepy.

C) had got tired of waiting.

D) liked its bitter taste.



6. When the narrator fell “OUT OF STEP” he

A) just kept on marching.

B) expected the band boosters to encourage him.

C) worked hard to improve the situation.

D) looked forward to leaving the formation.



7. When the narrator was told to leave the formation he felt

A) frightened that the band director would scold him.

B) miserable because he knew he would be a laughing stock.

C) relieved because he did not have to march any more.

D) happy that he could join his fellow townspeople.



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