Задание 11


Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски A–F частями предложений, обозначенными цифрами 1–7. Одна из частей в списке 1–7 — лишняя. Занесите цифры, обозначающие соответствующие части предложений, в таблицу.



London’s skyscraper


The Shard is a modern glass skyscraper in London. The skyscraper is situated in the London Bridge Quarter in Southwark. It is right near the heart of London and only the river separates it from the City of London. The area is full of history: a bridge was built there by the Romans around 50 AD (A) ______.


The plans for the London Bridge Tower, as the building was initially called, caused a strong protest from people (B) ______ for a historic neighbourhood with mostly low-rise brick buildings. They claimed the tower would cut through the neighbourhood like a shard of glass. The name “shard” stuck (C) ______ – “The Shard”.


When it was completed the Shard held the record as Europe’s tallest skyscraper with a height of almost 310 metres. Only a couple of months later, it was surpassed in height by Moscow’s Mercury City Tower. The Shard towers over the neighbourhood and is visible from afar. The iconic skyscraper looks particularly spectacular at night (D) ______.


The building is multifunctional, with offices and a hotel on the lower floors (E) ______. The top floors of the Shard are home to the “View from the Shard”, an observation deck (F) ______ of the city. On a clear day one can see as far as sixty kilometres. At a height of 245 metres, this is the highest public viewing gallery in London, almost twice as high as the London Eye.



  1. when seen from across the river Thames
  2. who is concerned about the city’s heritage
  3. and the developers even renamed the tower
  4. who considered the glass tower inappropriate
  5. and residential apartments on the upper floors
  6. that offers visitors spectacular 360 degree views
  7. and in 1836 the first railway station opened there






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