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Задание 11







Часть предложения

1 7 4 5 2 3




A – 1: which is a kind of rhododendron

B – 7: which is a local festival at the end of July

C – 4: who would like to be involved in many

D – 5: who would like to be involved in many

E – 2: for celebrating winter holidays there

F – 3: who prefer peaceful life to the noise



Tourism in Altai


Hundreds of tourists come to Altai every year. The most popular kinds of activities are climbing, snowboarding and hiking around the legendary routes. Cycling, diving, rafting, kayaking, sailing, swimming and fishing are widely enjoyed as well. Many people come there for more passive relaxation, such as spa, and feasting their eyes upon the flower of maralnik, __which is a kind of rhododendron__, blossoming in spring. Eco tourists are often attracted by collecting healing herbs, horse riding and participating in cultural events, such as the famous “Votetno” in summer, __which is a local festival at the end of July__.


Tourist season is in the full swing there usually in the summer. And there is no doubt that it is the perfect time for people __who would like to be involved in many__ different activities. In summer, one may do the full scope of season activities, from collecting herbs __who would like to be involved in many__ – all those kinds of hot season entertainment for tourists.


Winter season begins in the region of Altai in December and ends in March. It is the perfect option __for celebrating winter holidays there__. Winter activities are skating and mountain skiing, riding Russian three horses (“troika”), driving snowmobiles and winter fishing. Everybody will find an entertainment to one’s taste. The most popular city for skiing is Belokurikha.


Another original way of staying in Altai is housekeeping and taking care of one’s own house and animals. It is the best option for those __who prefer peaceful life to the noise__ of busy cities.



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