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Задание 11






Часть предложения

6 5 4 2 3 7




A — 6: have been many reports in newspapers and

B — 5: strong animals and sometimes they scare

C — 4: hurt in car accidents and the sugar in

D — 2: in the city and take them back

E — 3: walk in the street and cause traffic

F — 7: have told people to stop giving the pigs food and



Wild animals in cities


Have you ever seen bears in Vancouver parks, leopards on the streets of Mumbai or wild pigs in gardens in Berlin? Recently, there __have been many reports in newspapers and__ on TV about big animals coming into towns and cities. What happens when wild animals come into our cities? Is it dangerous for us and the animals?


Wild animals usually come into cities to look for food. In Cape Town, South Africa, baboons sometimes come into the suburbs. They eat fruit from gardens and go into people’s kitchens and take food from cupboards and fridges! Baboons are __strong animals and sometimes they scare__ children and fight with pet dogs. Many people do not like them, but the city can be dangerous for baboons too. Sometimes, baboons are __hurt in car accidents and the sugar in__ human food can be very bad for their teeth. The city council in Cape Town has a team of Baboon Monitors whose job is to find baboons __in the city and take them back__ to the countryside. This makes the city safer for people and is healthier for the baboons. However, the main problem is that a lot of baboons will come back to the city to find food again.


In Berlin, Germany, groups of wild pigs have come into the city for hundreds of years, but now the winters are warmer, there are even more pigs than in the past. Pigs eat flowers and plants and dig in gardens and parks in the city. They also __walk in the street and cause traffic__ accidents. Some city residents like the pigs and give them food. But the city council is worried about the traffic accidents, so they __have told people to stop giving the pigs food and__ have put up fences to stop the pigs coming into the city.



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