ЕГЭ-2250 — Ответы


Задание 11






Часть предложения

4 3 2 6 1 7




A — 4: and he had a beard and moustache

B — 3: which were so old and posh

C — 2: and set real close together

D — 6: getting ready and warming up

E — 1: I could be playing down there someday

F — 7: laughing and chattering away



The Show Begins


My Uncle Jim took me to all the Broadway shows in New York City, and I was star struck! Actually he wasn’t my real uncle – that’s just what we called him. He was a close friend of my parents. He was a bit stocky with red hair, __and he had a beard and moustache__.


I remember the theaters on Broadway, __which were so old and posh__. The curtains were made of this real heavy, dark red material. There were huge chandelier lights hanging from the ceiling. The walls were dark, paneled wood. The seats were red and cushy __and set real close together__.


The orchestra sat at the base of the stage in a pit. I usually went down to the front to see the musicians __getting ready and warming up__. They were all crammed into such a tiny space. I played the flute myself and my dad kept encouraging me that if I kept it up, __I could be playing down there someday__. But truly, I didn’t want to be tucked away down there. I wanted to be on top, front and center.


Most people dressed rather finely, and certain fragrances took center stage as various women passed by. The sounds of the audience __laughing and chattering away__ at their seats were clearly heard while last minute patrons filled in. There was electricity in the air and then the lights would go down and up, and you knew it was time for the show to get started. The lights dimmed. The music began. And you were swept up into a whole new world. I loved it!



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