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Задание 11






Часть предложения

4 7 1 5 2 3




A — 4: who calculated the speed at which galaxies move.

B — 7: but where it is.

C — 1: which is above Earth’s atmosphere.

D — 5: so it has a clear view of space.

E — 2: which are transmitted to scientists on Earth.

F — 3: which is invisible to the human eye.



The Hubble Space Telescope


Before the Hubble Space Telescope was launched, scientists thought they knew the universe. They were wrong.


The Hubble Space Telescope has changed many scientists’ view of the universe. The telescope is named after American astronomer Edwin Hubble, __who calculated the speed at which galaxies move__.


He established that many galaxies exist and developed the first system for their classifications.

In many ways, Hubble is like any other telescope. It simply gathers light. It is roughly the size of a large school bus. What makes Hubble special is not what it is, __but where it is__.


Hubble was launched in 1990 from the “Discovery” space shuttle and it is about 350 miles above our planet, __which is above Earth’s atmosphere__.


It is far from the glare of city lights, it doesn’t have to look through the air, __so it has a clear view of space__.


And what a view it is! Hubble is so powerful it could spot a fly on the moon. Yet in an average orbit, it uses the same amount of energy as 28100-watt light bulbs. Hubble pictures require no film. The telescope takes digital images __which are transmitted to scientists on Earth__.


Hubble has snapped photos of storms on Saturn and exploding stars. Hubble doesn’t just focus on our solar system. It also peers into our galaxy and beyond. Many Hubble photos show the stars that make up the Milky Way galaxy. A galaxy is a city of stars.


Hubble cannot take pictures of the sun or other very bright objects, because doing so could “fry” the telescope’s instruments, but it can detect infrared and ultra violet light __which is invisible to the human eye__.


Some of the sights of our solar system that Hubble has glimpsed may even change the number of planets in it.



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